Christ of the Abyss

Christ of the Abyss is a submerged bronze statue depicting Jesus Christ, which is one of the most photographed statues around the world, located in the Mediterranean Sea, off San Fruttuoso in Italy.

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The first time the statue of Jesus Christ was place under the sea was on 22 August 1954. Sculpted by Guido Galletti, based on an idea of Italian diver Duilio Marcante, where Christ is shown offering a benediction with his head and hands raised skyward.

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Located more than 15 meters (49 feet) deep in the sea, the statue had an excessive corrosion and was almost “destroyed” with the help of the crustaceans. It was removed from the water and restored in 2003, and returned in the sea the following year.

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Due to the popularity and also wanting to give thanks to the people who helped somehow Italy, a second bronze statue was made out of the same mold used to make the first one. It was a gift of the navy of Genoa for assistance in rescuing the crew of the Italian vessel Bianca C, which was destroyed by fire in the port of St. George’s, and was placed underwater in 1961.

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There is also a third one also made with the same mold, but this one is located in Key Largo, Florida, USA and was given as gift for the Underwater Society of America, which in turn donated it to the Florida State Park Service, in recognition of the conservation efforts involved in the creation of America’s first underwater park. So, there is only one original statue of the Christ of the Abyss, which is very popular and it is Italian.

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