Paskevich Princes’ Burial Vault Chapel

The Burial Vault Chapel of the Paskevich Princes is a religious building, part of the Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble in the city of Gomel (also Homel), in the south of the Republic of Belarus.

1 Paskevich

This interesting religious building is consisted of two different parts; one above the ground, which is the interesting chapel, and the second one is underground which is the actual burial vault built with a small entrance above the ground level.

3 Paskevich

Within the burial vault there are eight representatives of the Paskevich Family, among who are: Ivan Fyodorovich Paskevich (an imperial Russian military leader – General Field Marshal), his wife E. A. Paskevich (maiden name Griboedova), the Field Marshal’s parents, as well as his two daughters, son and grandniece.

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Considered to be the jewel of the city, the quaint architecture of the tomb with its beauty always attracts tourists, and it is easily distinguishable around the world.

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The Chapel is a great example of the so-called new Russian architecture style, which has elements of fancifully shaped ceramic columns, sculptural corbel arches, capping belts, gold-plated domes and colored ceramics. The Chapel has been built out of white and red boldly laid bricks, boasting an exceptionally ornate exterior.

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There have been restorations, which are much needed for the structure, with hope that it will stay for a longer period of time so that the future generations would gladly stare at the beauty this chapel offers.

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