Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge is a geological formation in the shape of a bridge, carved out from the Cedar Creek River in the State of Virginia, USA.

1 Virginia Natural Bridge

This simple named, yet unnamed, natural bridge is in the mountainous limestone terrain, forming a natural arch which 66 meters (215 feet) high and a span of 27 meters (90 feet). In the past, the Natural Bridge was worshiped by the Monacan Indians, and once it was one of the most famous and most visited natural wonders in the States.

2 Virginia Natural Bridge

Today the Natural Bridge stands tall as a National Historic Landmark and the gateway to the historic and beautiful Cedar Creek Trail, and the Monacan Indian Living History Village. Furthermore, the Natural Bridge Caverns, museums, a hotel & conference center, and restaurants surround the nature park.

3 Virginia Natural Bridge

In the past, the Natural Bridge and parts of the area, belonged to many people, which changed ownership, until 2014 when Governor Terry McAuliffe officially accepted the deed to the Natural Bridge, transferring its ownership to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

5 Virginia Natural Bridge

With some hope, the site should become a state park in the following years. Many tourists visit it today, and to see it they must purchase tickets. There is a trail under the bridge which provides access to other attractions.

6 Virginia Natural Bridge

4 Virginia Natural Bridge

7 Virginia Natural Bridge

8 Virginia Natural Bridge

9 Virginia Natural Bridge

10 Virginia Natural Bridge