Świętokrzyski Bridge

The Świętokrzyski Bridge is a bridge over the Vistula river in Warsaw, Poland linking Powiśle neighborhood with Praga Północ district.

1 Swietokryzski

The translation of the bridge name means ‘Holy Cross Bridge’. The bridge itself is 479 m long (1571 ft) and it is a cable-stayed bridge.

2 Swietokryski

There are two lanes for vehicles, a pavement and a cycle path each way. The single tower which is 90 m (295 ft) high, is located on the right river bank on the eastern side, has 48 cables attached supporting the deck.

3 Switokryski

Near the left bank on the western side, the bridge is supported by two piers. The bridge was opened on 6 October 2000 after two years’ construction. The bridge’s name comes from Świętokrzyska Street, which forms part of the access route from the city center.

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