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Sandy Island is a very small cay that is located in the western part of the British overseas territory in the Caribbean Region, Anguilla. Being very close to the main island, and more precisely to the village of Sandy Ground, it is certainly a paradise which is easy to access.

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Sandy Island is quite popular island getaway, as it is surrounded by warm turquoise waters, making it one the most sensational places on the entire planet. The island has the shape of almost irregular triangular, and it is consisted of white sand throughout the land, with little vegetation like shrubs and palm trees in the center of it.

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At the center is also a restaurant that opened in 1984 and it offers an unique experience to every visitor that dares to come here. The restaurant in fact is something what should be expected, a little make shift shack in order to give some shade from the scorching sun, in addition to the barbecue grill and the cooler that is stocked with drinks.

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Still, throughout the years, the place was “redecorated” by the coming hurricanes, and in 1995 due to the strong tides of Hurricane Luis, Sandy Island completely vanished from the map, destroying everything that was there. Fortunately, during Hurricane Lenny in 1999, Mother Nature “gathered” more new deposits here, and Sandy got the best look once again.

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Luckily, the hurricanes after 1999 just did a minor remodeling, with the exception of Hurricane Irma in 2017, and nowadays it is definitely among the most visited places in Anguilla, especially for weddings, movies, TV commercials, photo shoots and music concerts.

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Still, being one of the best day trips a person can have in the tiny Caribbean territory, depending on the weather, visitors here can snorkel, swim, enjoy the parties, do some sport, or simply lay down on the beach chairs or beds and enjoy in the Paradise on Earth.

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All in all, open daily from November until August, Sandy Island is truly a mesmerizing gem where people can escape the urban areas of the main island, and even escape their own life, while trying to find peaceful looking place.

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