Road Salt Pond

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Road Salt Pond, also known as Road Bay Pond, is an almost circular wetland of great importance that is located to the northwestern part of the British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean Sea, Anguilla.

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Being the largest enclosed body of water on the island, the Road Salt Pond is a part of the Important Bird Areas that can be found on the island, even though there are the North Hill and South Hill villages encircling it.

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With a long history of salt production by the native Amerindians, today the body of water is used only to monitor the birds that are living and nesting around it, such as the least terns, as well as the Caribbean elaenias, pearly-eyed thrashers and Lesser Antillean bullfinches.

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The mixture of extensive areas of shallow water and muddy edges attract large numbers of migratory waterbirds with a number that surpasses 1,700 birds at one time.

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Being part of the Sandy Ground district, this 43 hectares (106 acres) pond shall continue to attract bird watchers to come enjoy in the stupendous natural fauna, and when bored to continue to enjoy in the amazing Sandy Ground Beach which is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones on the island.

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