Avaz Twist Tower

Avaz Twist Tower is the tallest building in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in Sarajevo, and it is the headquarters of the Bosnian newspaper company Dnevni Avaz. Since it is the tallest building in the country, it offers a fantastic view of the capital city.

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Nevertheless, the tower can be seen from a distance around the city, which makes it quite a landmark. It is 175 meters (574 feet) tall, with 36 floors, of which 5 are basement floors. The architect of the building is Faruk Kapidžić.

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Construction began in 2003 and was finished in 2008. There are impressive 32,000 square meters (344,445 square foot) of floor space, with its twisted façade and powerful field-scopes on the 36th floor being the most unique features.

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Also, there are 5 super fast elevators, give the visitors an unforgettable experience while they climb fast to the top. Very interesting is the race that is being organized every year, called “Avaz Tower Running”. The contestants have to run up the 780 steps to the observation deck, which is a big challenge and for the real adrenaline addicts.

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