Astwood Cove

Astwood Cove is a small and very secluded beach that is surrounded by steep cliffs, located on the island nation of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. As one of the most intriguing beaches that can be found on the island, the Astwood Cove Beach is accessible through a fairly steep winding trail that goes down to the beach from the park which is located above, and requires an effort to get to it.

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The effort actually, makes the beach to be less crowded, and more popular for those who would like to stay when there are not that many people around. The park on the other hand, is arranged with picnic tables and restroom, which makes it more popular and more crowded place.

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Nonetheless, it is a very popular place for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Still, the surrounding cliffs are home to many white tailed tropical birds, which makes it very attractive for bird spotters to enjoy in the cliffs that are full with bird nests and birds that are swooping around.

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The swimming is recommended only to those who are very well experienced, due to the fact that the beach is looking towards the open ocean, and from time to time a bigger waves can be seen. Additional danger for the visitors is added from the falling rocks, yet, the cliffs are making the landscape more dramatic and more beautiful.

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As one of the well known spots in the Warwick Parish, people can get there easy with the public transportation and with their cars, and would get the chance to spot a glance of the Bermudan paradise.

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