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Uepi is a small island that serves also as a resort, and it is part of the well known Marovo Lagoon, in the in the Western Province of the sovereign island nation of the Solomon Islands.

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This classic barrier reef island is a true gem from the island nation, as it features a thick tropical forest and because it is outlined by fringing reef and sandy beach that are flanked by the warm lagoon waters on one side and oceanic depths of the other one, it is a popular location for those who would like to experience a remote paradise that offers also quite the scuba diving adventure.

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With the unique location where ocean and lagoon currents meet, the coral reef is filled with varieties of fish, from Hammerheads to rays, barracuda to reef sharks, and even the most usual reef fish one could expect. Being 3 km (2 mi) long, and some 300 meters (984 feet) wide, one would find all kinds of natural treasures here when walking via the interspersed walking tracks.

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Since there is no easy way of reaching the islet, there is a very small number of visitors, and the Uepi Island Resort offers different accommodation for each of the guests’ needs.

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Even though pricier and not suitable for those with less financial means, just seeing the small paradise from the Solomon Islands is a true treasure. In spite of all, Uepi Island is considered to be a different diving experience that is wanted by many diver enthusiasts, and spending a small treasure to reach it, is definitely worth.

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