Talietumu, and also known as Kolo Nui, is an archaeological site located on the island of Wallis, in Wallis and Futuna in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Situated about 9 km (6 mi) southwest of the capital of Mata-Utu and northeast of Halalo in the Mu’a district on the island of Wallis, it was a fortified Tongan settlement and the whole fortress is surrounded by a strong defensive walls built of basalt with several entrances.

1 Talietumu

They were restored in the 1990s by French archaeologists Daniel Frimigacci, Jean-Pierre Siorat and Maurice Hardy, which completed their work in 1997. It is believed that the fort has been built around 1450, during the expansion of the Tu’i Tonga Empire, and it was the last holdout of the Tongans on Uvea until they were defeated.

3 Talietumu

The Tu’i Tonagan Empire’s end was in 1535 with the assassination of King Takalaua while he was swimming in the lagoon Mu’a, the ancient capital of Tonga. Today in ruins, it is an alluring place which makes it a popular tourist destination.

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