Syndicate Falls

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Syndicate Falls, sometimes referred to as Milton Falls, is a secluded waterfall in the vicinity of the Syndicate Estate, in the northwestern part of the Caribbean island nation, the Commonwealth of Dominica. Considered to be exceptionally beautiful, with a relatively easy access, it is certainly one of the biggest landmarks the island has.

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With approximately 30 meters (100 feet) in height, the waterfall is a Dominican treasure that is constantly being discovered by visitors who are also attracted to the rainforest of the island. Getting here is not as easy as it appears, so asking for directions from the locals, or even hiring a guide is considered to be of a great help.

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The hiking trail is around 15 minutes of walk with minimal elevation gain, while passing several river crossings, which is why it is mandatory to wear comfortable shoes. The Syndicate Falls is surrounded by lush forest, and as the water plunges down the rock into a pool, while showing the strength of the water. There is a sign that says that bathing in the pool is forbidden because the water is a water source for several settlements, and if some pollutants are introduced, the offense is punishable by a fine and imprisonment.

4 Syndicate Falls

That is why every visitor should enjoy in the impressive nature Dominica offers, while sharing that experience with the rest of the world, with hope that it shall inspire more and more people to come and see in person this tiny island in the Caribbean Sea.

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