Saint Paul’s Church

Saint Paul’s Church is an Anglican, as well Episcopal church, which is located on a hillside in Clarence Town, which is part of Long Island, within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

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As it is located more precisely opposite from Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s Catholic Church, it also has something more in common than sharing a proximity location. Saint Paul’s Anglican Church was designed and also built in 1884 by Father Jerome Hawes, who later converted to Catholicism.

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Today the church serves as a religious building and also as a monument in the very small town which is visited by many worshipers, and those who would like to marvel the architectural masterpiece of Father Hawes. The exterior of the building is modern looking, with two towers atop which there are crosses.

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The protrudent entrance brings you right away in the interior which as most of the Anglican churches are. After entering the nave of the church that is filled with benches for worshipers to sit on, straight away one would see the altar and the place where the priests are performing their rituals. It is interesting that there is a side entrance on the southwest side of the building, nonetheless, the whole exterior even though appears to be dull, it is quite different for the architectural eye which would spot the small details of the whole religious structure.

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