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Aunu’u is a very small volcanic island that is considered to be a big natural landmark which is located in the unincorporated territory of the United States located in the South Pacific Ocean, the Territory of American Samoa.

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With an area of about 152 hectares (375 acres), the small island is becoming a popular tourist destination as it can offer a variety of beaches, however, the most interesting is the wetland better known as Faimulivai Marsh which can be found in the Aunu’u Crater.

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When there is a low tide, the marsh transforms into a large expanse of quicksand that can be dangerous for visitors, nevertheless, the fiery red color is definitely warning everyone not to get close to it. Designated as a U.S. National Natural Landmark since 1972, Aunu’u Island with its 500 citizens is one small place that looks like a sleeping lady on the calm ocean, inviting everyone who is willing to experience the wild side of American Samoa.

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