Kuthiny Baty

Kuthiny Baty are a curtain of pumice cliffs, a unique creation of the nature, located close to the Ozernaya River on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of the Russian Federation. As it lies at the southern tip of the peninsula, the valley was formed several thousand years ago when a massive volcanic explosion shook the entire area.

2 Kuthiny Baty

The enormous amount of ejected material has created a thick layer of deposit all over the peninsula, nevertheless, about three kilometers to the west of Kurile Lake on Ozernaya River, the pyroclastic flow deposit has reached an area about one hundred meters thick. Because of this, the spectacular rock valley has become eroded and completely scattered with obelisks, that appear to look like boats that are standing up, which is where the name Kuthiny Baty comes from, as it means “standing boat” in Russian.

3 Kuthiny Baty

According to the local legend, there was a wise raven named Kitkh who decided to dry his boats here by placing them vertically on the bank of the river. But he forgot completely about them which made the boats to stay in their place forever. Also, it should be mentioned that the lake which is close to the site, Kurile Lake, is a national wildlife preserve, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A truly amazing place which would allure you to witness a great history, legends coming to life, and amazing nature of the amazing Russian Far East.

1 Kuthiny Baty

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