Sathorn Unique Tower

Sathorn Unique Tower is an unfinished skyscraper which was supposed to be a premium luxury apartment complex, and it is located in the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, Bangkok. The plan was the building to be 47 floors plus the ground floor and the garage level, which would make it 49 floors and with a height of 185 meters (607 feet).

3 Sathorn Tower

The construction began in 1990 with the design of the architect Rangsan Torsuwan, was planned to be built with a reinforced concrete, however, when the 1997 Asian financial crisis struck the country, the construction halted with 80% of the work completed.

2 Sathorn Tower

Nowadays the building sits as one of the most prominent derelict buildings of Bangkok, a city which has many of them. There were supposed to be 600 apartment units, the structure is left to rot in neglect, where many drug addicts, homeless vagrants and wild dogs are gathering all the time, making it very unsafe place together with the neighborhood.

3 Sathorn Tower

Most of the time the locals are referring to the build as the Ghost Tower, because dead bodies reappear on regular basis, but still foreigners find it attractive and visit it all the time. There is a narrow stairwell where one can climb to the top of the building, however, it is quite dangerous since it is full with rubbish, there is no lightning, most of the floors are flooded with puddles of standing water, construction equipment, old shoes, broken toilets, electrical wires etc.

5 Sathorn Tower

Nonetheless, when reaching the top the real million dollar story begins. It has astonishing views of Bangkok, also the best place to see the sunrise and the sunset, where the panoramic urban skyline stretches with skyscrapers of different shapes and sizes.

1 Sathorn Tower

The architectural style of the building is not well categorized, although many would say that Torsuwan’s style is an exultant post-modernism, architectural pastiche in which styles and eras are thrown together without any signs of restraint.

6 Sathorn Tower

Even though still dangerous and forbidden to enter the premises, the owner of the structure, Pansit Torsuwan, has pressed criminal charges to people who have exposed themselves that they’ve entered the building, although there are some reports that Pansit himself has given permission for an entry fee people to go inside and see the beauty the building has. Definitely, as one of the haunted places of Bangkok, if it is going to be finished, it shall be one of the most amazing buildings, not that at the moment it is not but still…

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