The Pitons are two mountainous volcanic plugs, volcanic spires, located on the island of Saint Lucia. They are divided and known as Gros Piton which is 771 metres (2,530 ft) high and second tallest on the island, and the Petit Piton which is 743 metres (2,438 ft) high.

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Both spires are connected with the Piton Mitan ridge. Their enormous size together with the surroundings which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is 2,909 ha (7,190 acres) and the nearest town which includes the Pitons is Soufrière. The volcanic complex includes a geothermal field with sulphurous fumeroles and hot springs.

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Coral reefs cover almost 60% of the site’s marine area. A survey has revealed 168 species of finfish, 60 species of cnidaria, including corals, eight molluscs, 14 sponges, 11 echinoderms, 15 arthropods and eight annelid worms. The vegetation of the Pitons is tropical moist forest grading to subtropical wet forest, with small areas of dry forest and wet elfin woodland on the summits.

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The Pitons are famous in Saint Lucia, not only for their marvelous size and beauty, but also the local brand of beer is named after them.

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