Druzhba Holiday Center

Druzhba Holiday Center is a massive cylindrical building which serves as a resort and it is located in the touristic town of Yalta, on the Black Sea, in the Republic of Ukraine.

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Overlooking a popular beach, this interesting structure was built in 1984 by the design of the Ukrainian architect Igor Vasilevsku, as a joint venture by the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. This concrete building has been built with earthquake-resistant construction, and every single room has a complete privacy from the guests staying in the room next to them.

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All of the windows have panoramic views of the Black Sea, and having in fact that one terrace is behind another one, the guests will not have to fear whether the “neighbor” spies on them. To enter the building from the main entrance, one has to cross a catwalk bridge which is encased in glass tube that descends into the building.

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The whole building is supported by giant cement legs, a series of staircases and elevators that connect the public spaces and accommodations. Even though Yalta was a very exclusive resort town in Soviet time, today, the legacy which was left from that time will continue to draw people who are very fond of Brutalist architecture, where a fine example is the Druzhba Holiday Center.

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