Alofaaga Blowholes

The Alofaaga Blowholes, also known by Taga Blowholes, are an interesting natural feature located on the island of Savai’i, within the Independent State of Samoa in the Pacific Ocean.

1 Alofaaga Samoa

Located very close to the village of Taga, on the south east coast of the island, these interesting blowholes are nothing else but a series of lava tubes created from lava flow in the past. The tube to the top is flat and the bottom part of the tube is connected with the ocean below.

2 Alofaaga Samoa

Whenever there are waves breaking against the lower end of the tubes, the water then is sent to the upper part of the tube under high pressure, thus erupting as high as 20 meters (66 feet) like fountains that spray water every few seconds.

3 Alofaaga Samoa

Together with the impressive sight of the blowholes, a loud puffing sound is created too that punctuates each gush of seawater. As they are one of the most powerful blowholes in the world, getting there is definitely something what one should do when visiting the island nation.

4 Alofaaga Samoa

The locals are charging visitors a small fee, nevertheless, they also sell coconuts which then are put in the blowholes and after that they blast up like cannonballs. The best time to enjoy this is at high tide, however, have in mind that most certainly you would get wet.

5 Alofaaga Samoa

Still, everyone should pay great deal of attention, also not getting close to this attraction due to the slippery rocks, and the fact as well if one falls in one of the blowholes, it would almost certainly be fatal. So, be extra careful and try to enjoy as much as you can in this alluring place.

6 Alofaaga Samoa