Tadrart Rouge

The Tadrart Rouge is a mountain range in southeastern Algeria. The translation of Tadrart rouge has a meaning Red Tadrart.

1 Tadrart Rouge

The range is a roughly 100 km long southern prolongation of the Libyan Tadrart Acacus. It reaches its maximum elevation of 1,340 m towards the southern end of the range at about 160 km southeast of Djanet.

2 Tadrart Rouge

The Tadrart Rouge area is well known for the spectacular orange color of the sands contrasting with the jagged dark red rock formations of the range. There are all kinds of variations in the forms of the rocks, so together with the sand, they can trick you into thinking that someone is playing with your mind.

3 Tadrart Rouge

You would recognize some sort of shapes, creating pictures of imaginable stories, which you can create with a couple of thoughts. Experience these mountains, and get inspired to write a book, make a play or even use them for a pure enjoyment.

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