Laguna Blanca

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Laguna Blanca is an attractive ecological area that contains a small lake, and it is located in San Pedro Department of the district Santa Rosa del Aguaray, within the Republic of Paraguay. With a surface area of a little bit more than 1 square km (0.5 square mi) this small paradise is considered to be the single natural lake in the small country due to the lack of a thermostatic stratification.

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With average depth of 7 meters (23 feet), the water in the lake is definitely one of the purest ones that can be drank with no treatment, since it is fed by water during the spring season and there is only one small outflow.

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The transparent, alluringly colorless waters are quite attractive to every visitor, as it has great importance for the local wildlife, nonetheless, the greatest importance is to the local community that thrives from tourism on the shores of Laguna Blanca.

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There are plenty of activities that can be organized here, however, all of them should be in accordance to the regulations which will not endanger the natural environment, where most of the activities require specific professional guidance.

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Being in the administration process of proclaiming it as a Private Natural Reserve with the support from the plenty of nongovernmental organizations, Laguna Blanca shall gain greater attention one this process is done. Until then, there will be only small number of visitors who have heard about the lake enjoying in the pure beauty, with hope that with the promising influx of more tourists, the untouched nature shall remain as it is.

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