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Monument to the Equator

The Monument to the Equator, better known by its original name as Monumento a la Mitad del Mundo, is a prominent monument which [...]

Amazon Theatre

The Amazon Theatre is an impressive opera house which is located in the heart of the Amazon Forest, more precisely in Manaus, the [...]

Lunarejo Valley

Lunarejo Valley, also known as the Valle del Lunarejo Regional Natural Park, is an impressive valley which is protected by law, and it [...]

Sea Lion Island

Sea Lion Island is known as the largest island of the Sea Lion Island Group that can be found in the southern part [...]

Fort Cépérou

Fort Cépérou is a historic fort that is located on a hill overlooking the Cayenne River and the capital city of Cayenne, in [...]

Palacio Legislativo

Palacio Legislativo, better known as the Legislative Palace, is the official building in which meetings of the Parliament of the Oriental Republic of [...]

Cristo de la Concordia

Cristo de la Concordia, better known as the Christ of Peace, is an impressive statue that depicts Jesus Christ, and it is located [...]

Casa de Fierro

Casa de Fierro, also known as the Iron House, is a large iron residential house which is located in the Iquitos City, in [...]


Ingapirca is an Incan archaeological site which is considered to be the largest one which was discovered in the the Republic of Ecuador. [...]

Malleco Viaduct

The Malleco Viaduct is an interesting railway bridge that passes over the Malleco River Valley in the central part of the Republic of [...]

Saint Andrews Bay

Saint Andrews Bay is an important bight, better known as a curve on the coastline, which is located in the northern part of [...]