Korab Waterfall

Korab Waterfall is one of the most interesting and unique waterfalls that can be found in the Republic of Macedonia. Located in the northwestern part of the small Balkan nation, the waterfall is in the upper course of the Dlaboka River, which means Deep River, it is below Macedonia’s highest peak, Mount Korab.

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It is considered to be a seasonal waterfall, due to the melting snow that actually creates it, and there are different calculations for the drop. It is always agreed that Korab Waterfall is between 100 meters (328 feet) and 138 meters (453 feet) high, which makes it not only the highest waterfall within the country, but also it is the highest on the Balkan Peninsula.

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Surrounded with a lush greenery, that is exposed to the carbon rocks, it is an astonishing sight which needs to be proclaimed as an attraction of great importance. The highest water levels are always in May and June when the melting snow from the peaks “feed” the waterfall, and the level slowly drops throughout the summer, however, only if the summers are very dry, then the waterfall cease to exist in late August, the beginning of September.

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Being part of the Mavrovo National Park, which is one of the most amazing ones in the country, there is the possibility for those who would like to see the Korab Waterfall in person, to hike. The starting point is from Nistrovo Village, which takes around 4 hours through a different landscape that sometimes transforms from dense forest, hills, rocks, to snow, to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

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Nevertheless, there is the option to follow Dlaboka River, a hike which is a bit shorter, but a bit more dull compared to the one described before. One should be really cautious when hiking in the area, as the trail is not marked well, it is sometimes covered with overgrown bushes and small trees, and also there are wild bears, so going there with a guide that already knows the area is preferable.

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There is an extra experience if one decides to camp just right under the waterfall, under the clear starry sky, and everything that is necessary for that camping trip is some food, tent, small blanket and excellent camera to capture every single bit of the extraordinary trip.

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There is no need for bringing water, since the waterfall offers a clean, fresh water which is cold as it comes from a glacier. A true Macedonian paradise, and definitely something for which the Macedonians need to be very proud of for having this kind of natural beauty.

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