Bassin Bleu

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Bassin Bleu are series of three different cobalt-blue pools which are linked by waterfalls, located in the commune of Jacmel, in the southern part of the Republic of Haiti. The pools Bassin Palmiste, Bassin Clair and Bassin Bleu are very distinctive and can be accessed only by a short hike, making them quite easy and magnificent as they are one of the prettiest swimming holes in Haiti.

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Bassin Clair is considered to be the most beautiful one, as it is sheltered and surrounded by smooth rocks draped with maidenhair and creeper ferns and being always filled with water from a waterfall. This magnificent Haitian natural treasure is always recommended to be visited with a local guide, as along the hike, at one point visitors must descend a series of steep ropes which could be a bit dangerous.

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Nevertheless, the end point, the stupendous pools are wide, deep and turquoise which creates truly a surreal sight that will capture every visitor. There are even local legends that explain how the people who would like to find the true depth of the pools are grabbed by the mermaids living in the grottoes, taking them down and never resurfacing.

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Still, Bassin Bleu is something extraordinary which should be known better in the world, with hope that the situation in Haiti will improve and more tourists will visit this small but interesting Caribbean nation.

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