Europe. The Old continent


Saksun is a small picturesque village that is located in the northwestern part of the largest and most populated island of Streymoy, within [...]

Mirador Building

The Mirador Building is a residential housing building which is located the neighborhood of Sanchinarro, in the northeastern part of the capital city [...]

Horse Sand Fort

Horse Sand Fort is a historic sea fort which is part of the Palmerston Fortifications in the Solent Strait that separates the Isle [...]

Montale Tower

Montale Tower is an important tower that overlooks the capital city of the Republic of San Marino, San Marino. Known also as the [...]


The Kapellbrücke is a beautiful wooden footbridge that is covered and it spans across the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne within [...]

Kuchlbauer Tower

The Kuchlbauer Tower is an impressively unique observation tower which is part of the Kuchlbauer Brewery ground in the town of Abensberg, within [...]

Castle Stalker

Castle Stalker is a tall, massive and yet very simple castle tower which is located on a tidal islet named the Rock of [...]

Yugyd Va National Park

Yugyd Va National Park is a big national park, which is considered to be among the biggest ones in the Russian Federation, and [...]

Flame Towers

Flame Towers are trio of tall skyscrapers which are considered to be the tallest ones in the capital city of the Republic of [...]

Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral is a unique Gothic cathedral that is located in the city of Roskilde, in the eastern part of the Kingdom of [...]

Adolphe Bridge

The Adolphe Bridge, sometimes referred to as the New Bridge, is an important and historic arch bridge which is located in the capital [...]

Helsinki City Hall

Helsinki City Hall is the official central administrative building of the capital city of the Republic of Finland, Helsinki. With its unique façade [...]