Maputo Special Reserve

5 Maputo Reserve

The Maputo Special Reserve, previously known as Maputo Elephant Reserve, is an important nature reserve which is located to the southern part of the capital city of the Republic of Mozambique, Maputo.

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Created as a nature reserve in 1932, it covers 77,400 hectares (191,000 acres) of land which is protected by law so that the flora and fauna would flourish. In order to protect the wildlife and ecosystems of the surrounding Maputo area, with the formation of links between the marine, coastal and inland areas, Maputo Special Reserve is precisely created to hold the scenic biodiversity in one place.

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From the fauna, the most interesting are the African elephants, which number is estimated to be around 350, nonetheless, there are also zebras, antelopes, crocodiles, hippos and reedbucks.

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The huge freshwater lagoons support a huge biomass which attract great number of birds, which in turn attract a lot of bird spotters who flock here to see the 350 species of birds. In conclusion, an important Mozambican gem that focuses on the protection of the ever lowering number of African wildlife, which is definitely worth the trip from the capital Maputo.

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5 Maputo Reserve