Maputo Railway Station

10 Maputo Station

Maputo Railway Station is a beautiful building which serves as the main train station of the capital city of the Republic of Mozambique, Maputo. Being one of the greatest architectural works of the city, it was designed by an associate of Gustav Eiffel, whereas its façade was designed by Eiffel himself.

1 Maputo Station

Built between 1913 and 1916 there are marble pillars, wrought iron work, which alongside with the great attention to detail together with the massive central dome it made it possible for the structure to be on the list of one of the most beautiful buildings in Africa.

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The dark-green color with the clearly white color, brings the history to life, and even though it is not a spot to stay there for hours unless one is waiting for a train to travel, it is a great photo opportunity for the visitors to get a glimpse of the rich colonial Mozambican history.

2 Maputo Station

In addition, the interior contains the small Kulungwana Espaço Artístico, with a small exhibition of works that have been done by local and visiting artists, with sculptures and paintings for sale, which gives an extra pinch of Maputo and Mozambican experience.

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Maputo Railway Station is definitely a true treasure which should be saved for the future generations and tourists to be impressed with the richness of the details from the exterior alongside with the clock which can be seen on the main dome.

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