Avatele Beach

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Avatele Beach is a large and very known beach that can be found in the southwestern part of the island country in the South Pacific Ocean, Niue.

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Having the same name as the village and the great bay, Avatele Beach is an important link to the tourism in Niue, as it is well visited by the people coming to the island, in addition to the locals who enjoy too in organizing picnics and swimming in the crystal clear waters. Far from the typical sandy beaches, this one is covered in thousands of pieces of coral that are sometimes big, but very unique.

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Perfect for snorkeling due to the small rock pools and coral structures among which the fish are hiding, Avatele Beach is definitely one of the most interesting spots in Niue where one can admire the sunset and calm waters while drinking a cold drink. All in all, perfect for urban getaway, this beach will make you fall in love with the small nation that is slowly being awaken by the tourists that begin to flock here.

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