Playa Mansa

Playa Mansa is a beautiful beach that is located in the seaside city of Punta del Este, on the Atlantic Coast in the [...]

Lunarejo Valley

Lunarejo Valley, also known as the Valle del Lunarejo Regional Natural Park, is an impressive valley which is protected by law, and it [...]

Palacio Legislativo

Palacio Legislativo, better known as the Legislative Palace, is the official building in which meetings of the Parliament of the Oriental Republic of [...]

La Mano

La Mano, or better known as La Mano de Punta del Este, is a mostly concrete sculpture that is erecting from the sand [...]

Laguna Garzón Bridge

The Laguna Garzón Bridge is a famous bridge which has an unusual circular shape, located next to the village of Garzón, in the [...]

Solís Theatre

Solís Theatre is one of the most important and also renowned theater that is located in the capital city of the Oriental Republic [...]

Palacio Salvo

Palacio Salvo is an eclectic style building, built for offices and apartments, located on the main and most important square Plaza Independencia in [...]

Palacio Idiarte Borda

Palacio Idiarte Borda is a small palace-house, located in Las Piedras in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. It was supposed to be the [...]