The large oceanic area where islands are spread like pearls

Cathedral Rock

The Cathedral Rock is a small islet off the north coast of the Norfolk Island, which is a small island in the Pacific [...]

Nuku Hiva

Nuku Hiva is a volcanic island of the northwestern Marquesas Islands, within the French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France, in the central [...]

Amédée Lighthouse

The Amédée Lighthouse is an iron lighthouse located on Amédée Island, which is 24 km (15 mi) away from Nouméa, the capital city [...]

Marea House

The Marea Haus, or as most commonly is known as The Pineapple building, is a building that houses the Department of the Prime [...]


Talietumu, and also known as Kolo Nui, is an archaeological site located on the island of Wallis, in Wallis and Futuna in the [...]

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of the small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, the Kingdom of Tonga, is the official residence for the royal [...]

Capitol Building

The new pride of the Pacific Ocean island nation of Palau is exactly the new Capitol Building. The first contract which was signed [...]

House of Parliament

The House of Parliament is the official seat of the House of Assembly of the Republic of Kiribati, within the Pacific Ocean, located [...]

Arno Atoll

Arno Atoll is a coral atoll comprised of 133 islands in the Pacific Ocean, which forms a legislative district of the Ratak Chain [...]

Mount Otemanu

Mount Otemanu is an impressive remnant of an ancient volcano which is located on the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia, at [...]


Alofi is the capital of the Pacific island nation of Niue, which is located within the Realm of New Zealand. Even though it [...]

Kawarau Gorge

Kawarau Gorge is a major river gorge, located in Central Otago, on the South Island of New Zealand, which takes you through the [...]