Tafelberg, when translated from Dutch literally means Table Mountain, is one of the highest mountains that can be found in the South American Republic of Suriname. Being part of the Tafelberg Nature Reserve, the mountain is located in the central part of Suriname, within the Sipaliwini District.

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Standing at an altitude of 1,026 meters (3,366 feet) above sea level, it is a unique and beautiful flat-topped mountain which dominates the area that surrounds it. The flat-topped part of Tafelberg is around 150 square km (58 square mi), and when reached it offers quite the stunning views of the surrounding forest.

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Experiencing the different flora and fauna that have been untouched for thousands of years, are the perfect getaway place for those holiday lovers who would like some peace and tranquility. The unparalleled bio-diversity is rich with different species of birds, which is a perfect paradise for those birdwatchers who are passionate enough to hike and also spot the flying “angels” of the forest.

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In addition, there are different and colorful frogs that hop from place to place, and if followed they will open a different universe with the spectacular and very old trees, as well as unspoiled nature which is something like one of the World’s last and largest pristine wild places.

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The Geijskes Falls are really impressive, if one is able to find them, due to the altitude where they are located near the top and considering the fact that they form a rim from which they fall down, they are also dangerous ones.

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There are hiking trails that lead to the Tafelberg Savanna Resort, in which one can enjoy after full day of wild exploration, and shall create many everlasting memories of the wonderful adventure within the wilderness of the wonderful Suriname.

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