Monuments des Martyrs

Monuments des Martyrs, located in the city of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, is also known as the Monument to National Heroes. Certainly, it is one of the single most bizarre edifice, but in the same time it is an alluring building that catches your glance.

1 Martyr Faso

Some people would say this is a glass made Eiffel tower, but definitely, except for being marvelous it misses the height of the Eiffel tower. The Monument was a grand project of the President of Burkina Faso since 1987 (Thomas Sankara, although there are no clear sources), not glorifying just the revolution from which “their brothers” were killed, but also the revolution that brought him to power.

2 Martyr Faso

This is also a centerpiece of the newly planned quarter called Ouaga 2000 where many government and representative buildings are built, and in some way it represents a modern extension of the city of Ouagadougou. Around the monument the area is “according to” the African standard of living, very poor and stands in the middle of a scrubby field.

3 Martyr Faso

Since the surrounding is not very adequate with the building, it really stands out with its architecture, and as there is always architectural criticism there always will be comments like “an alien spaceship which landed from another galaxy”. Perhaps the structure to some viewers might look like a vintage 80’s structure, the ground breaking construction began in 2002. It looks like it has been finished, however minor details are yet to be done.

5 Martyr Faso

For instance some of the elevators are still not functioning, inappropriate ladder to reach the bellevue platform, the empty museum on the mezzanine level etc. Nevertheless, maybe not finished on the inside, it looks amazing on the outside. In 2014, the Acting President of Burkina Faso, Michel Kafando, renamed the Monument of National heroes to Pantheon of the Martyrs of the Revolution.

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