Dômes de Fabedougou

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Les Dômes de Fabedougou are not well known limestone formations that can be seen in the south western part of the African nation of Burkina Faso.

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Located more precisely to the north part of the town of Banfora, these incredible high rocks are considered to come from the Mesoproterozoic Era where they’ve been formed over the millennia by water and erosion.

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Different in size, the rocks are certainly high, looking like tall buildings which allow you to climb to the top of them, however, only if one has the necessary sports or climbing shoes, and if the rock itself is not so steep. Once on the top, it can be seen that Les Dômes de Fabedougou are surrounded mostly with cane fields, while the landscape views are mesmerizing as one is able to see quite far from the impressive Burkina Faso.

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All in all, perfect for “getting lost” in between the tall rocks, these formations will capture and inspire every visitor to stay as much longer as possible since it is one of the few attractions in Burkina Faso that are not well known around the world.

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