Central Bank of Nigeria Building

5 Abuja Bank

The Central Bank of Nigeria Building is the official headquarters building where the offices of the Central Bank of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can be found, and it is located in the central part of the capital city, Abuja.

1 Abuja Bank

This modern looking building is considered to be one of the tallest ones in the city as it has more than 20 floors, and follows not so equal shape of a cross.

2 Abuja Bank

When looked from above, it seems that there are four buildings that have been merged into one, with a central pyramid connecting them all. The exterior is constructed with granite columns that rise to the highest point of the building, and in between are the dark glass windows which give interesting modern look.

3 Abuja Bank

There is a wide entrance located to the western part of the building that looks like a cocoon from which it seems that something will appear. Still, around the building there are parking lots for the employees, and there is also a big fountain located to the southwestern part of the building.

4 Abuja Bank

As there are no clear source about when the building was constructed, nor who exactly is the architect, all those visitors who are visiting Nigeria’s capital will simply have to gaze upon what appears as a regular building, but has unusual shape and the grandiosity as well.

5 Abuja Bank