CategoryPitcairn Islands

Christian’s Cave

Christian’s Cave, more commonly referred to as the Fletcher Christian’s Cave, is a historic place where seaman Fletcher Christian was watching ships approaching [...]

Adamstown Church

The Adamstown Church, sometimes referred to as the Adamstown Adventist Church, is the principal religious building that can be found in the capital [...]

Ducie Island

Ducie Island is an uninhabited atoll that is comprised of four smaller islets in the South Pacific Ocean, and it is part of [...]

Bounty Bay

Bounty Bay is a small embayment that is located next to the capital city of the British overseas territory of the Pitcairn Islands, [...]

Saint Paul’s Pool

Saint Paul’s Pool is a picturesque tidal pool which is nestled among the seaside rocks on the eastern part of the main Pitcairn [...]

Henderson Island

Henderson Island is an uninhabited island and coral atoll which is very important with its flora and fauna, located in the south Pacific [...]

Oeno Island

Oeno Island, or known as Holiday Island as well, is a coral atoll  in the South Pacific Ocean, part of the British overseas [...]