Annandale Falls

Annandale Falls is idyllic picturesque waterfall which is located a bit to the central-western part of the Caribbean island nation of Grenada. Sine [...]

Belmont Estate

Belmont Estate is a former colonial-era estate that is located in the northeastern part of the sovereign island state of Grenada. Serving nowadays [...]

Fort George

Fort George is an important historical fortress which is located in the capital city of the sovereign state of Grenada, St. George’s. Being [...]

Grand Étang National Park

Grand Étang National Park, also known as Grand Étang Nature Reserve, is a protected part that includes rainforest, the Grand Étang Lake, as [...]

St George’s Anglican Church

St George’s Anglican Church is one of the most important religious symbols located in the island nation of Grenada. First the church was [...]