Hill of the Buddha

The Hill of the Buddha is a very unique Buddhist shrine which is located in the Makomanai Takino Cemetery, in the southern part [...]

Hashima Island

Hashima Island, also known as Gunkanjima Island, is an abandoned island that is lying in the Sea of Hyūga, in the vicinity of [...]

Ise Grand Shrine

The Ise Grand Shrine, officially known as Jingū, is a Shinto shrine composed of a large number of Shinto shrines that is dedicated [...]

Aogashima Island

Aogashima Island is a volcanic island which is located south from the main Japanese Islands in the Philippine Sea, and it is administered [...]


Kiyomizu-dera, officially known as Otowa-san Kiyomizu-dera, is an independent Buddhist temple, which is located in the city of Kyoto, the former Imperial capital [...]

Island Tower Sky Club

Island Tower Sky Club is a 42-story high skyscraper which is located on the artificial island of Island City, in the Fukuoka City, [...]

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome) was the only structure left standing in the area where the first atomic bomb exploded on 6 [...]