Trajan’s Kiosk

Trajan’s Kiosk, referred to by the locals as Pharaoh’s Bed, is a historic hypaethral temple that is located on Agilkia Island, in the [...]

Siwa Oasis

The Siwa Oasis is an oasis that is located between the Qattara Depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea in the Western Desert of [...]

Unfinished Obelisk

The Unfinished Obelisk, as it is the official name, is the largest known ancient obelisk that has not been finished, located in the [...]

Cairo Citadel

Cairo Citadel, or better known as the Saladin Citadel of Cairo, is a medieval Islamic fortification located in the capital city of Egypt, [...]

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a major important and cultural center located in the city of Alexandria, Egypt, which serves as a commemoration of the [...]

Abu Simbel Temples

Abu Simbel is a temple complex, originally cut into a solid rock cliff, in southern Egypt (near the border with Sudan) and located [...]