Hoggar Mountains

The Hoggar Mountains are a highland region that features very unique mountain peaks, and it is located in the southern part of the [...]

M’zab Valley

The M’zab Valley is a natural region of great importance which in fact is a big limestone plateau that is located in the [...]

Chelif River

Chelif River, also known as Chlef River, is the longest river that can be found in the North African People’s Democratic Republic of [...]


Tiddis is a former Roman city that today is in ruins, located in the vicinity of the city of Constantine, within the People’s [...]

Maqam Echahid

Maqam Echahid is an iconic concrete monument which commemorates the Algerian War for Independence, built in the capital city Algiers. Algeria fought the [...]

Tadrart Rouge

The Tadrart Rouge is a mountain range in southeastern Algeria. The translation of Tadrart rouge has a meaning Red Tadrart. The range is [...]