San Rafael National Park

The San Rafael National Park is a national reserve that is still a proposed national park, and it is located in the southeastern [...]

Cerro Tres Kandú

Cerro Tres Kandú, also known as Cerro Peró, is a mountain peak which is also the highest point of the Republic of Paraguay. [...]

Laguna Blanca

Laguna Blanca is an attractive ecological area that contains a small lake, and it is located in San Pedro Department of the district [...]

Saltos del Monday

The Saltos del Monday is a large waterfall that is part of the Municipal Park Monday, which are located in the Presidente Franco [...]

Palacio de los López

Palacio de los López is a palace and the official workplace of the President of Paraguay, located in the capital city of the [...]

Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam is a concrete structure built to contain the flow of the Paraná River and create the power plant’s reservoir, located on [...]

Jesús de Tavarangue

Jesús de Tavarangue was a former settlement for indigenous people in South America, known as Jesuit reduction, located in today’s region Itapua, Paraguay. [...]