Les Hanois Lighthouse

Les Hanois Lighthouse is a unique lighthouse which is located on the rock that is known as Le Biseau, and it is part [...]

Fort Grey

Fort Grey, also known as the “Cup and Saucer”, is a small and unique defensive fortification which is located on a tidal rock [...]

Bréhon Tower

The Bréhon Tower, also known as Fort Brehon, is a small fortress which is located on a small rocky islet in the Little [...]

Victoria Tower

Victoria Tower is a monument erected in the capital city of the Crown Dependency of Guernsey, to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria [...]

The Little Chapel

The Little Chapel is most likely if not the smallest one, but among the smallest chapels in the world, which is located in [...]

Castle Cornet

Castle Cornet is a large island castle and former tidal island located on the island of Guernsey in the La Manche Channel, which [...]