Tomb of Saadi

The Tomb of Saadi, commonly known as Saadieh, is an important tomb and mausoleum that stands within the tranquil confines of the aptly [...]

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a prominent historical and architectural masterpiece that can be found on the Naqsh-i Jahan Square in the city of [...]

Shah Mosque

The Shah Mosque, also known as the Soltāni Mosque and sometimes as Imam Mosque, is a very interesting mosque which is located in [...]

Tabiat Bridge

The Tabiat Bridge, sometimes written as Tabi’at Bridge, is known as the largest pedestrian bridge that can be found in the capital city [...]

Si-o-se-pol Bridge

Si-o-se-pol Bridge, also known as the Allahverdi Khan Bridge, is an old historic bridge which is considered to be the longest one on [...]

Tughrul Tower

Tughrul Tower, sometimes also written as Tuğrul Tower, is a prominent monument which is located in the vicinity of Rashkan Castle, in the [...]

Taq Bostan

Taq Bostan, also known as Taq va san, is an archaeological site with a series of interesting large rock reliefs that are located [...]

Kish Island

Kish Island is a new upcoming resort island that is part of the Hormozgān Province, located in the Persian Gulf, officially belonging to [...]

Azadi Tower

The Azadi tower, also known in the past as Shahyad tower, is a monument located in the city of Tehran, the capital of [...]