Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island is an island which has interestingly irregular coastline, and it is located next to the Maputo Bay separating it from the [...]

Maputo Special Reserve

The Maputo Special Reserve, previously known as Maputo Elephant Reserve, is an important nature reserve which is located to the southern part of [...]

Casa de Ferro

Casa de Ferro, better known as the Iron House, is a unique and historic building that was built in the capital city of [...]

Maputo Railway Station

Maputo Railway Station is a beautiful building which serves as the main train station of the capital city of the Republic of Mozambique, [...]

Island of Mozambique

The Island of Mozambique, also known as Ilha de Moçambique, is an island that is located between the long Mozambique Channel and Mossuril [...]

Cahora Bassa Lake

The Cahora Bassa Lake is one of the largest lakes on the African continent, located in the western part of the Tete Province, [...]

Monument to the Great War

Monument to the Great War is a big monument which represents the efforts and sacrifices of the Portuguese and Mozambicans in the First [...]

Maputo City Hall

Maputo City Hall is the house for the seat of the local government of the capital of the Republic of Mozambique, Maputo. It [...]