Ekom Nkam Waterfalls

Ekom Nkam Waterfalls, also known as Chutes d’Ekom Nkam, are mesmerizing twin waterfalls that can be found in the middle of a jungle [...]

Korup National Park

Korup National Park is an important park that is believed to have one of the oldest forests that can be found in Africa, [...]

Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano which is also known by many other names, and it is located near the Gulf of Guinea, [...]

Royal Palace of Foumban

The Royal Palace of Foumban is one of the oldest still standing structures in the history of the African continent, located in the [...]

Lake Chad

Lake Chad is one of the most important lakes, which is historically large, shallow, endorheic lake located in Africa, and being shared between [...]

Reunification Monument

The Reunification Monument is a monument that is located in the city of Yaoundé, the capital city of the Republic of Cameroon. As [...]