CategorySouth Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

Cooper Island

Cooper Island is a small unique islandĀ  that is located at the north side of the Drygalski Fjord’s entrance, right next to the [...]

Bertrab Glacier

Bertrab Glacier is a small glacier that can be found at the head of Gold Harbour in the southern part of the South [...]

Saint Andrews Bay

Saint Andrews Bay is an important bight, better known as a curve on the coastline, which is located in the northern part of [...]

King Edward Point

King Edward Point, sometimes abbreviated as KEP, is known as the capital city of the British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean, [...]

Mount Belinda

Mount Belinda is a stratovolcano that is located on the Montagu Island in the sub-Antarctic Scotia Sea, which is part of the group [...]

Grytviken Church

Grytviken Church, which is also known as the Whalers Church, is a Norwegian Lutheran Church which is located on the island of South [...]