Funafuti Conservation Area

The Funafuti Conservation Area, sometimes referred to as Kogatapu Conservation Area, is an important marine conservation area that encompasses the western side of [...]

Tuvalu Government Building

The Tuvalu Government Building is the official seat of government of the Polynesian island nation of Tuvalu, located on the main atoll of [...]


Amatuku is a small islet which is part of the bigger atoll that serves also as the capital of the Pacific island nation [...]

Nukufetau Atoll

Nukufetau Atoll is an atoll that has an interesting shape, which is part of the island nation of Tuvalu, within the South Pacific [...]

Funafuti International Airport

Creative Commons image courtesy of Michael Coghlan Funafuti International Airport is the only international airport in Funafuti, which is the capital of the [...]