San Jerónimo Fort

San Jerónimo Fort is a historic fortification that is located in the port city of Portobelo, which is part of the Colón Province, [...]

Volcán Barú

Volcán Barú, also known as Volcán de Chiriquí, is an active volcano which is also the highest point in the Central American Republic [...]

Centennial Bridge

The Centennial Bridge, also known as Puente Centenario, is an important and major bridge crossing which is located above the very important Panama [...]

Coiba National Park

Coiba National Park, which also goes by the name Coiba National Park and its Special Zone of Marine Protection, is an important island-park [...]

F&F Tower

The F&F Tower, previously was known as the Revolutionary Tower, is an office building located in the capital city of Panama, Panama City. [...]