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Yonggwang Station

Yonggwang Station is a metro station which is part of the Mangyongdae Line of the Pyongyang Metro System, and it is located in [...]

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, formerly known as Kumsusan Memorial Palace, is a building that serves as a mausoleum of the leader Kim [...]

Arch of Triumph

The Arch of Triumph is, as the name suggests, one of the many triumphal archs around the world, however, this one is located [...]

Monument to Party Founding

The Monument to Party Founding is a grandiose monument that is dedicated to the foundation of the Workers’ Party of the Democratic People’s [...]

Arch of Reunification

Arch of Reunification is a sculptural arch built as a monument to symbolize the possible future reunification of the two Koreas, and is [...]

Juche Tower

The Juche Tower is a monument named after the ideology of Juche, which is the official political ideology of North Korea described as [...]