Kerguelen Islands

The Kerguelen Islands, also known as Îles Kerguelen and the Desolation Islands, are a small group of islands that are located in the [...]

Mount Erebus

Mount Erebus is the second highest, however, most active volcano that is located on Earth’s southernmost continent, Antarctica, making the volcano too the [...]

Shackleton’s Hut

Shackleton’s Hut is a historic site, more precisely a small hut built at Cape Royds on Ross Island, facing on McMurdo Sound in [...]

Trinity Church

Trinity Church, or as it is also known by the name of Holy Trinity Church, is a small Russian Orthodox church which is [...]

Pegasus Field

Pegasus Field is an airstrip in Antarctica, and also the southernmost of three airfields serving McMurdo Station. Pegasus is actually a blue ice [...]