Nyungwe Forest

The Nyungwe Forest, also known as Nyungwe Forest National Park, is a very important rainforest which is located in the southwestern part of [...]

Mount Bintumani

Mount Bintumani, also known as Loma Mansa, is a mountain peak from the Loma Mountains which is considered to be among the highest [...]

Amphitheater of El Jem

The Amphitheater of El Jem is an ancient structure which serves as a great monument to the city of El Djem, which was [...]

Lake Dzialandzé

Lake Dzialandzé, sometimes written as Dzia Landzé, is a small crater lake which can be found in the central part of the autonomous [...]

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls, also known as Kabalega Falls, is a powerful waterfall which is located on the White Nile River in the western part [...]

National Theatre of Ghana

The National Theatre of Ghana is the official seat of a cultural institution that is located in the capital city of the Republic [...]

Atlantica Building

The Atlantica Building is a residential building with very futuristic design that is located on Beach Road in the city of Cape Town, [...]

Thaba Bosiu

Thaba Bosiu, sometimes referred to as the Thaba Bosiu National Monument, is a sandstone plateau that is located between the Orange and Caledon [...]

Casa de Ferro

Casa de Ferro, better known as the Iron House, is a unique and historic building that was built in the capital city of [...]

Loango National Park

Loango National Park is a unique national park which is located in the western part of the Gabonese Republic. What makes this park [...]

Saint Elizabeth’s Cathedral

Saint Elizabeth’s Cathedral, also known by its original name Catedral de Santa Isabel de Malabo, is a Roman Catholic cathedral that is located [...]