Struma’s Grave

Struma’s Grave is still an unexplored grave that is located in the vicinity of the village of Banica, in the Municipality of Strumica, [...]

Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument, also known as Memorial Complex Freedom, is an artistic memorial that is located on the Lokubija hilltop overlooking the city [...]


Stobi is an ancient city that nowadays is in ruins, located at the confluence of the rivers Vardar and Crna, in the Municipality [...]

Korab Waterfall

Korab Waterfall is one of the most interesting and unique waterfalls that can be found in the Republic of Macedonia. Located in the [...]

Devil’s Wall

Devil’s Wall is a stone formation which nowadays represents a real mystery that can not be solved, which is located in the municipality [...]

Nova Makedonija Building

Nova Makedonija Building is the building which housed in the past the news publishing agency Nova Makedonija, located in the city center of [...]


Makedonium, which is also known as Ilinden Memorial, is a famous landmark from the city of Krushevo which is located in the southern [...]